Contractor "Haul of Fame"
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Dart Transit Company
Contractor of the Year


TCA Independent
Contractor of the Year


Brad Chapdelaine - 2010 Dart Contractor of the Year Joe Ritchie - 2010 Dart Contractor of the Year
Brad Chapdelaine Joe Ritchie
2009 Post Witt and Bob Towey
2008 Al Beck, Harvey Zander, and Randy House
2007 Bob McAndrew and Mark Daquilla
2006 Jerry Miller and Juan Garcia
2005 Walter Newcomb and Woodrow Walker
2004 Richard Magers Sr. and Randall Johnson
2003 John Gill and Mike Watts
2002 Walter Johnson and Steve and Karen Schoonover
2001 Robert DeClue and John Cooksey
2000 Charles Bishop and Art Reid
1999 Jim MacPhee and Bill McLeland
1998 Gary Kraft and Evan Fulton
1997 Carroll Benn and George Campora
1996 Tom Grant and George Cumbie
1995 Gordon Rotenberger and Grady Taylor
1994 Jim Duffield and Rick Garrett
1993 Jake Jenkins and JL Reynolds
1992 Darrell Goldsberry and James Stewart
1991 Woody Copenhaver and Jimmy Davidson
1990 Erv Zietz and Curtis Rivers
1989 Herb Rauschnot and David Reynolds
1988 Tom Cummings and Pete Rich
1987 Bernie Sterwerf
1986 Jim Lyle
1985 Steve Barnes
1984 John Ludke


TCA Convention "Best Fleet for Owner Operators" Award

The TCA named Dart Transit Company the
"Best Fleet for Owner Operators."

See Dart's

Awards and Recognition



Woodrow Walker - TCA Independent Contractor of the Year 2nd Place Larry Severson - TCA Independent Contractor of the Year 3rd Place

Woodrow Walker

2nd Place

Larry Severson

3rd Place

2008 Clark Lett 2nd Place
  Gerald Clouse 3rd Place
2007 John Gill 1st Place
  Billy Smith 2nd Place
2006 Al Beck 3rd Place
2005 Art Reid 3rd Place
2004 Dennis Siler 2nd Place
2003 Carroll Benn 1st Place
2002 Carol Ann Schlussler 1st Place
  Art Reid 2nd Place
2001 Pat Rauschnot 2nd Place
2000 Harvey Zander 1st Place
1999 Pat Rauschnot 6th Place
  George Cumbie 8th Place
1998 Jimmy Davidson 1st Place
1997 Herb Rauschnot 1st Place
  Jimmy Davidson 6th Place
1995 Jimmy Davidson 3rd Place
1992 Bill Huegle 7th Place
1990 Harvey Zander 1st Place


TMTA Driver of the Year
2010 Randy Peterson
1999 Jimmy Davidson


MTA Driver of the Year
2004 Larry Severson
1999 Harvey Zander
1988 Jim Lyle


Overdrive Trucker
of the Year
1998 Harvey Zander
1992 Herb Rauschnot
1989 Jim Lyle

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